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The Taskbar in Windows 10

The Taskbar still has a lot of options in Windows 10. A number of old familiar options are missing like adding the Run command, but the Run command is available by just right clicking on the Start button, along with other stuff like the old familiar Control Panel and the task manager.

The Task Manager has always been accessible by right clicking on a blank spot on the Taskbar, selecting Properties and that hasn’t changed. But some things have changed, and some of the buttons don’t seem to be active now, maybe when the final release is out those things will be active.



I have seen several sites telling us  how to remove the Search from the Taskbar as it does take up a lot of space.

It involves editing the Registry on the sites I have seen, but it isn’t necessary! On the Toolbar Screen click the down arrow where is says

Show search box and select Show search Icon.

Now the toolbar has a lot more room and no editing the Registry needed. If you just don’t want any search on the Toolbar, you can also disable Search.

How easy is that!