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Suddenly! A big Pop Up!

It happens a lot, almost everyday.

I’m reading an article on someone’s website, when all at once, the page blacks out and a huge box pops up wanting me to subscribe.

No way!

How annoying!

There is a way to close this annoyance, but I shouldn’t have to close anything just to read an article.

Get this webmasters, if I find your stuff worth reading and you have a newsletter, I will sign up for it as I have mentioned once or twice previously, I am a newsletter junky.

If you are a clever writer, you have a sign up link somewhere on your site and I will find it.

Otherwise forget it, I am not going to signup for something if I haven’t even read what you have to say and certainly not because I have been annoyed by a giant popup!

And furthermore, I may just leave and never come back!