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Outlook Annoyance..Again!

I have used just about every version of Outlook since Outlook 98. I have tried many different email programs trying to find one that will let me do just what I want.

I need reminders to keep me from forgetting really necessary things, like giving my dog her monthly heartworm medicine. This is really important as I tend to forget stuff a lot.

I need the ability to sort my email into folders. I get a lot of email and I want to be able to read just what is pertinent for each folder.

I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds. I prefer RSS over newsletters. Since Google disabled their feed service, I need one to replace it.

Outlook manages all of those things for me very well. While other email programs do most of them as well, they are not as easy for me to set up and some of them just don’t do the job as well.

I want to set up a Contact Group for close friends and one for family members. But for one of my email accounts, Outlook won’t set me set up a Contact Group.

Apparently Contact Groups are not supported by Outlook 2013 if you are using I am not the only one that finds this strange, odd or downright inconvenient, as there are a lot of folks asking why and how to fix. The fix seems to be a number of workarounds that are totally unacceptable to me, one of which is to use Outlook’s Quick Step feature.

I fixed it by just adding another email account to Outlook, imported all of my contacts  and now I have the new Contact Group available.

So if I want to forward something to one of my Contact Groups that comes into my account, I just change the sender email address to my account then that contact list appears when I click To. Then I add the Group in the To field.

I know this is  not the most technical way but it works for me.  I just wish Microsoft had not decided to go this route, but guess they had their reason.

For me it was a big annoyance!