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Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

The first day it was available, I downloaded the 64 bit version intending to dual boot it on my Windows 7 notebook, but then I decided to try it on my old Dell. So I had to download the 32 bit version and burn that to a DVD.

This Dell has 1.5 Gig memory, but Windows 7 will run on it so thought it might work. Since it needed the 32 bit iso, downloaded and burned to DVD.

This old Dell has had a lot of different OS installed on it.  It originally came with Windows XP Pro. Then Windows 7, then a number of different distros, the last and current being Mint. A number of times I restored it back to Windows 7 using Macrium Reflect. But not this time.

I put the DVD in the drive and then the fun began. Windows seemed to be installing, but then I got this:

‘Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS’

‘Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition is of an unrecognized type’

For some reason, (why I have no idea) I had removed a partition. Stupid! I can really goof up a lot.

Mint would boot just fine. (I like Mint! Haven’t used it a lot but still I like it.)

Everything I tried didn’t work. So I downloaded GParted, burned to disk the iso, booted it up, fixed the partition and formatted as NTFS and now I have Windows 10 Technical Preview up and running, tweaking and testing away.

I did have to update the drivers for the sound card, but otherwise everything seemed to run just fine out of the box. And Mouse Without Borders is working great! It seems to be working better with this preview that it did with Windows 7.

I certainly like it better than I liked Windows 8 the first time I saw it!