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Trimming a Post in a Yahoo Group

I used to have a page on Martha’s Web for trimming posts. This was an old page for folks using an email program to get Yahoo Groups messages on their computers. Eventually I will try to re-create it for this blog.

However, many folks would rather read the messages online as they may not even use a computer email program, or maybe they just don’t want to get the ‘oh so many Yahoo messages’ cluttering up their inboxes.

Either way is great, choice is always good.

One advantage to reading and posting online, if a user is replying to a post, Yahoo does all the trimming and the messages are not two or more web pages long.  However there is a disadvantage as well to let Yahoo trim, when replying. If the poster is trying to get help and is replying to someone, the ‘helper’ may not know what has been tried before, because Yahoo has trimmed it all away.  This can be really frustrating!

However, there is a way to keep the ‘history’ of what’s going on.

When the poster first presses ‘Reply’, a blank template appears, with no history for the conversation.

The poster can include the history by just clicking ‘ Show Message History’, and all the previous history appears and the poster can add his/her response at the top of the post.

No more frustration!

For help tips about Yahoo’s neo; see here,  Neo for Mods. While us ‘old timers’ for Yahoo Groups continue to be frustrated with neo, sometimes we can find help, but sometimes it just seems to be broken.