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Another Outlook 2010 Annoyance

I do not dial phone numbers from my computer, so why does Outlook keep asking me for my phone number every time I add a new contact’s phone number?


The only way to stop this annoyance is to go to the Control Panel/Phone and modem and put your phone number and location in the asked for fields.

Now I just hate putting un-needed information anywhere. There surely must be a way around this, but finding out how was almost an exercise in futility.

Finally I found where someone suggested turning off Telephony. So I turned it off by going to Services and disabling Telephony. To get to Services, just type Services in  the search box and the click Services at the top.


Telephony Service

Telephony Service Properties


Now when I add a phone number in my Outlook Contacts, that annoying dialog does not pop up. In the event I should ever need Telephony enabled, it will be a simple matter to enable it again in Services.