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Windows 8.1 Update

Just when I decide Microsoft is finally ‘getting it’, along comes the requirement that folks using Windows 8.1 MUST update to Windows 8.1 Update!

If Windows 8.1 users don’t install the update by May 13, they will no longer be able to get future updates, including security updates!

So what if users have problems installing the update? What then? Will hackers be waiting to attack Windows 8.1 users?

There are a LOT of reports of this update failing. Don’t believe me? Just type ‘Windows 8.1 Update fails to install’ into Google’s search and see what comes up!

I had no problems installing the update and it did make some things better. Supposedly it enhanced security as well.

I like being able to close apps the same way using the ‘x’ instead of dragging it down from the top. That has always seemed awkward to me and one reason I have avoided the apps on the Start screen. I like the search button and power options  buttons on the Start screen as well.

Basically Microsoft is giving folks 30 days from the date it was first offered to get it installed. Seems like not much time for something this important.

Really Microsoft? What’s the big rush? Did something really important get left out of Windows 8.1? If so, what’s the deal for only 30 days to fix it?  I am really thinking maybe I should consider a new OS. Ubuntu may be just what I need. I haven’t heard of any threats for Linux users that if you don’t update you won’t get any fixes. Haven’t heard of any threats from Apple either. (Come to think of it, those OSs don’t seem to NEED so many updates!)

Because it IS a threat as far as I am concerned.

More Information Regarding the Latest Update for Windows 8.1