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Remove Me From Your List

Some websites want your email address before you can download free content.  (Why?)  I can see why if you buy something from the site, but just to download or view free stuff?

I know the answer. Just about everything on the web is no longer free. Even if you don’t pay $$, you are paying with your personal information and that includes your email address. That site may not spam you, but they might give or sell your email address to another ‘Partner’ and the ‘Partner’ may spam you or may sell your email address to a spammer.

To avoid getting on a a spammer’s list you have two options. You can setup a junk mail account for all of these websites that want your email address or just leave the site and forgo anything the site may offer.

But what happens when you buy a product and you have to give them your email address? Most of the time the only thing that will happen is you will receive an email telling you how to activate a program, game, etc. if it is for some software. If it is for another sort of product that will be shipped to you, it will probably be the transaction details and if you are lucky, how to track the package.

Be diligent folks! On any site when purchasing something, be sure to uncheck any box by an offer to receive email for new products the site may offer.  Even then it is no guarantee you will not get spammed by the site. If you do get emails from the site, most of them will have a way to unsubscribe.  It will usually be in very tiny print at the bottom of the email and will contain a statement ‘to unsubscribe from this list click here. And if you are lucky you won’t get any more emails. Notice I said ‘If you are lucky’.

So how can you avoid getting spammed by a retailer or by a vendor of any kind? You have two options. Don’t buy anything online or setup another email account just for making purchases. I wish I had made a ‘buy something’ email account a long time ago. I am still getting emails from WinZip even though I have repeatedly requested removal from their lists.

Trust me, I have learned this the hard way. And don’t think just because it is a trusted brand name you won’t get spammed. You very well may get spammed! (It’s that phrase located in their privacy statement ‘We may share your information with our Partners’.)

The problem is no one reads those privacy statements. Some of them are so long and so full of legal terms even if folks do try to read them they just give up. (I truly believe this is why those privacy statements are so long, so folks will give  up)

So now I have a special email address just for making purchases online and another one just for viewing web content. I usually just leave those sites but once in a while I really want to view that content.

Another Please Remove me is for Newsletters. I wrote about that a long time ago. (RSS rules!)

We get enough Spam without trying, now we have to view all websites, retailers and others with distrust. We have to get multiple email accounts in addition to security products. Or of course, we can just log off the Internet and forget about it.

Rant over.