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Password Dilemma in Windows 8.1

I have always used a password to login to my computers. I know a determined person can get into a password protected computer, but a password will keep most folks out and keep your data safe.

Recently someone asked if there was a way to boot directly to Windows 8.1 without having to use  a password. There is a way and it is easy.

Open Run

  (You can also open Run from the Desktop by right clicking on the Start button and selecting Run.)

In the Run box type ‘netplwiz’ (without quote marks)

This will bring  up the following dialog box:

Now uncheck the box by ‘Users must use a user name and password to use this computer. A new dialog box will ask you to verify your password.

Type your password twice and then click OK.  Now when you start Windows 8.1 you will not have to type your password but will boot directly  in to Windows. On my computer I have it set to boot directly to the Desktop.

You can also use a picture to sign in, but this does not seem to be any more secure than not using a password. I suppose the reason it took longer to log in was because it was searching for the picture I used.

I will not use a picture to sign in.