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Mouse Without Borders

I love this little program! I got it from Microsoft and it is just wonderful.

I have two laptops, one with Windows 7 and one with Windows 8.1. I also have a monitor connected to my Windows 7 laptop. So space is getting a bit cramped on my computer desk. This little program from The Garage makes it a lot less crowded..

When I got this program, I wanted to view the video to see just how to install it, but apparently the video is no longer working.

Here is how I installed it.

First I downloaded the program to each laptop and then installed it on my Windows 7 Laptop and then the Windows 8.1 laptop.

Once it installed I got the first setup screen and it asked if I had already installed it on the other computer.

When I clicked ‘No’, it said to keep this window open and finish the setup on the other computer.

Now on the other laptop I clicked ‘Yes’ and received the final setup screen:

Here I input the Security Code and the Computer name from the first laptop.

In order for the install to complete, I turned off the firewall for both laptops, just long enough for the install to work.Now I have this cute little desktop icon on both my laptops.

I really love this little program!