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My Windows 8.1 Is Now Windows 8

Less than a week after the upgrade from Windows 8 to windows 8.1 I encountered a problem. A big problem. .

A few days earlier I tried to connect to my Windows 7 but received a message it wasn’t available, even though it was turned on. (This was working in Windows 8.)  I thought it was probably a setting somewhere and would investigate when I had more time.

Yesterday, I attempted to update my ESET Smart Security to version 7. It acted like it was installing, but before the install completed an error message popped up and the install closed. The error indicated I did not have sufficient Administrator privileges, which i knew was wrong, but I right clicked on the install and selected run as Administrator, but no go.  The same error occurred.

I contacted ESET and they told me to download  ESET Smart Security 7, uninstall the old version and then install the new version. It did not uninstall.  I finally used Revo Uninstaller and cleaned up all the files, but the new version still would not install with that message ‘The Installer does not have sufficient Administrator privileges…..

Now the hunt was on, how do I set the privileges?

I learned some stuff about using the Microsoft Management Console and about How to Enable Local Administrator Account.but all this did not help me install ESET.

I booted into the Admin Account, nope, didn’t work. I tried installing from an elevated command prompt, no way.

So then I tried to install the previous version, still the same problem.

Now I am starting to get really frustrated.  The problem is Windows, not ESET. I had read that there were problems with Windows 8.1 in my favorite newsletter, Windows Secrets, in an article by Susan Bradley. But none of the problems mentioned by Susan were anything like mine.

So, I backed up my data, and reinstalled Windows 8. It isn’t as nice as Windows 8.1 in lots of ways, but it let me install stuff, including ESET.