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Windows Live Writer Network Connection Error

Sometimes when I try to make things better I do the opposite, I break things.

I like to use Windows Live Writer to compose  posts to my blogs. (I have a blog besides this one, sort of a rant, ramble and rave blog, named Martha’s Blog)

Both of my blogs are using a template from StudioPress. I really like these templates, but the blogs seem to take a long time to load when I get ready to work on them.

So I have been working to find a way to make them load faster.  I’ve installed plugins and removed plugins and finally decided to use a feature called CloudfFare.

I’m not sure exactly what CloudFlare does but it is supposed to make my blogs load faster and so I went for it. It’s also supported by BlueHost my hosting provider.

In the process of all the plugin installing and removing, I managed to break the publishing to my blog with Windows Live Writer. When I tried to post, I got this message instead.

So I rebooted because that’s the first thing I do when something appears to be broken, but that didn’t fix it.

I knew it had to be a setting somewhere that had been changed and I was right.  I went to Options in Windows Live Writer and clicked Accounts and selected MyNotSoPerfect PC/Blog and clicked Edit. I could see the web address was incorrect! The www was missing! I clicked Update account information and made the correction and saved it.

The post draft to blog works just fine now.  I vaguely remember making a change somewhere in the blog’s setting to remove the www from the web address. Why I did that was probably from bad advice somewhere in Google searching.

But all is well that ends well, so they say.