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Setting Up Windows 8..Again!

I installed Windows 8 on a Compaq computer the same day it was released in October 2012. I tweaked and tweaked and finally had it running pretty much the way I wanted, or as much as possible as it was to do.

When the Windows 8.1 preview was released, I got it through the App store and away it went. But I did a major booboo, I didn’t backup Windows 8 first. So now I am setting it all up again.

I pretty much have it back the way I want it, but am making a few changes from the first install. To begin with, I am installing Macrium Reflect and as soon as I have it the way I want it, I will make my backup.

Why I didn’t make that backup is beyond me.  I have backups of three other computers, but not this one!

Oh well, I am documenting everything and will have a much more complete install record, so maybe it isn’t all bad. I made so many screenshots I probably will never need, but they will come in handy! And along the way, I have learned a bit more about Windows 8.