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GPS is a marvelous thing..when it works.

Yesterday I went to a family reunion. I had never been to the way out in the country place where it was held, so relied on my GPS to get me there.

Except it didn’t get me there. it telling me to turn right, but there was no road to turn right. I kept driving and then it told me to turn left on some road, but all these roads had no name, I went round and round in circles, up and down roads, and some of them were little more that gravel trails.

I knew that place had to be somewhere in the area, but I just couldn’t find it. I called one of my family members that I knew was there, but the call went to voice mail as her service didn’t work out here in the boonies. Finally I used another marvelous thing, my cell phone (It isn’t a real smart phone, but my service worked, thank goodness!) and called home to get my son to check on a map to see where I needed to go.

He managed to find it on a map and told me how to get there.  I finally reached my destination and had a great visit with family members, some I hadn’t seen in 40 years.

If the GPS hadn’t messed with me I could have had almost two more hours to visit!

Today I decided to try to find out why that GPS almost got thrown out the window.  Turns out the road I needed to be on has two names. I first turned on the road with the first name (an FM road) and evidently when it was telling me to turn right, this is where the second name of the road takes over from the first name (FM road). I still don’t understand why it was telling me to turn when I was already on the road, but

So I am not sure who is at fault for the snafu with the GPS, but I learned I will just depend on a real map the next time I need to go out into the country!