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My Gmail

I have two Gmail accounts.  I used to have more but decided two is enough. The first account was great.  I never got any SPAM, but then I made a BIG mistake.  I foolishly entered this address on a site for Coke Rewards. They didn’t tell me that their ‘partners’ might sell my email address, and I guess it was my fault for not guessing they might,  Soon my inbox was totally swamped with SPAM.

Eventually Gmail’s filters improved to the point all that stuff went into the SPAM folder, but boy did I learn a lesson the hard way! In the future, use a throwaway email address for sites like this!

Now I use my Gmail accounts to sign up for stuff I don’t want coming into my main email.  I guess you could say I now have two throwaway email accounts.

But I have to say, the SPAM filter on Gmail accounts is the best bar none.